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Game #40: Kim vs. Lowe

This should be a difficult matchup if Lowe's usual groundball tendencies play out. Still, BK has pitched well for us and he should be able to hold the Dodgers at bay. What we will need is to get some people on and then a long drive or two and the Rockies should be able to come away with the win.

I really haven't felt like writing anything all day, so I'm just going to go head and post this interview I did with former Dodger pitcher Rick Sutcliffe the other day:

RG:So Rick, how are you doing today?

RS: Roxie! Whaaats uuup! Me and Bill here were just stopping by to check out these uhm.. uhm.. we were onto our way to... well you know, how you been?

RG: Kind of rambling today, but I see you are too, can I have what you're having?

RS: Sure thing girl, bartender, get Roxieehere a highball.

RG:That's Reference Boy, actually, but go ahead Reference Boy,

RS: So, what do you think of George Clooney?

RG: That is one fine looking man. Did you see Solaris, where you actually see his hiney?

RS: Yeah... I mean, I was talking more about what he's doing with, uhm Iraq or whatever... er, so what are you still doing here Roxie? I mean everybody's asking for you...

RG: er, Rick, this might not be appropriate here.

RS: Just a minute Bill.. no, rockgirl, I'm serious, you know everybody wants you... I mean Dan Patrick... Mel Kiper... Bob Costas... Jeanne Zelasko...

RG: uhm, Rick, I really... wait, really? even Jeanne? Mel? Wow. I mean, I knew I was popular, but, wow...

RS Hey, so back to George Clooney, so you really see his hiney in Solaris?

I might have to save the rest of the interview uhm for my own records. Anyhow... GO ROX!!!