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Breakfast Message: Brad Hawpe likes his coffee with Sweet and Lowe

After leading the Rockies to a five to one victory over the Dodgers last night, Brad Hawpe overtook Todd Helton for the Rockies lead in WPA. We're pretty excited about that here at the Row, so we gave him Ramon Ramirez's old parking spot --->
Hawpe should be getting all of your twenty-five votes for the starting NL right-field job at the All-Star Game this year, he's as worthy a candidate (outside Helton) as the Rockies have had in a long time. I really hope we're looking at extending his contract as he should be a welcome fixture in our outfield for years to come. Matt Holliday had a nifty four for four game and Helton contributed a pair of hits also as the Rox scrambled back into a tie with the Padres, a half game behind the D-backs for the division lead. Anyway, lots of kudos go to BK, too, for getting out of a serious jam of his own making in the top of the first and then settling into a dominant groove thereafter. Here's the chart for last night's game (thank you fangraphs):