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Thursday Pebble Report

With the draft taking place in less then 3 weeks, it's slightly under 5 weeks until quite a few of those players start appearing in these reports (Casper starts June 20th, Tri-City the day before).

Colorado Springs: No game was scheduled.

Tulsa: Seth Smith and Jordan Czarniecki both went 2-for-4 and an RBI. Matt Macri had the third RBI. Ian Stewart had the night off and Tulo went 0-for-5. Jim Miller made his 3rd appearance of the season and went .2 IP, walked 1, K'ed 1, allowed 1 ER on 2 hits.

Modesto: Chris Frey batted lead-off and collected 2 hits, while Jonathan Herrera had 2 RBI on the night. Matt Miller had the other RBI in the loss. Things could have been better for Lo as he went 5 2/3, allowing 10 hits and 6 ER. He walked 3 and K'ed 1.

Asheville: The Tourists picked up the win after Cole Garner hit his 4th homer to lead off the inning. Fowler went 2-for-4 with 2 RBI and his 3rd triple of the season. Eric Young, despite not getting a hit, walked once and stole his 29th base of the season (but also was caught for the 11th time). The team walked a combined 10 times. Zach Simons picked up the win as he went 5 innings, but walked 3 and K'ed 2.

Update [2006-5-18 15:9:27 by Rox Fan in NY]: Chaz Roe makes his season debut for Asheville tonight. Click here to listen to the Greensboro broadcast.