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Braves-Rockies Redux:

I'll put up an actual game thread for the Cook/Sosa tilt up a little later tonight, but I wanted to have something up to talk about last night's game and just a couple of other general notes surrounding these two teams. As far as last night, Tim Hudson gave about as complete a performance as you'll ever see. According to the win probability model at fangraphs he contributed 65.4% of the Braves win (57.4% pitching, 8.0% at the plate). To put that in perspective, the rest of the Braves combined to take away 15% of the win and the remaining half was made up for by the Rockies' futility. I hope we don't see Tim in this stadium again anytime soon.

Right now the Rockies are doing alright in the starting pitching department, but should we be in a race and the need arises later in the year to make a trade, one name to keep in mind might be a return of one of our own, homegrown John Thomson. He was the subject of a lot of rumors this Spring and I'm sure most Rockies fans wouldn't mind his coming back.

Finally, the Rockies are clearly not getting the attention of the fans around the country yet, despite the media slowly starting to wake to our potential this year. We're averaging 21,853 fans per away game, lowest in the majors. And if you've been watching the games on television, you know some of these stadium counts for Rockies away games seem generous. Maybe the fact these stadiums are so empty is a part of our early season road success. Home teams can't feed off the energy of the crowd if there's no crowd there to begin with.