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It's been awhile since I've taken my readers around the Colorado Rockies unofficial blogrolls, and thought I'd take the opportunity today. Speaking of taking that opportunity, I want to first show some general good and bad examples of reactions to and uses of sports blogs:

Good Example: Start with this article by Sports Illustrated writer Jon Weisman. Besides the glaring omission of not mentioning Aaron Cook as one of the league's best groundball pitchers, he does do an excellent job of linking to non-SI sources, particularly baseball uberblog The Hardball Times. Why do I bring this up? Probably because in my day job I have to work with large media concerns that often view blogs as "competition".  In one sense, they're right: blogs are driving down the amount old media charges for advertising space by providing cheaper outlets, but at the same time, much of the reason these blogs get their readers in the first place is that they understand that this so called competition can also be a tool to draw traffic. By becoming clearinghouses of information and freely linking to all sources, blogs gain authority as a place for fans to stay informed.

Maybe it's easier to explain with a bad example:
Follow this link to the blog of Rockies' pre-game announcer Steven Bleyer on FoxBlogs. Now, from what I can tell, only other FoxBloggers can comment on the site. Not only that, but whereas I can point out Bleyer's blog and choose to link it in my sidebar, every blog on that site cannot reciprocate the link back to me. Now, why should I, as a Rockies fan, choose to go there for my content when I know that I'm only going to be able to get a small spattering of the info on my team? See, this is hubris, to think that one media outlet alone can cover all the content for a team. So, I say, go back to the drawing board Mr. Murdoch and friends, your new thingie still needs some work.

Still, I must say I found it fascinating that Bleyer uses Cover Girl foundation (his confession is right at the bottom of the April 8 post). That's so Seventeen of him. I mean, look at his picture:

and you'll see why maybe we should be a little concerned here.

You really need to upgrade your brands, Steve, try Clinique, it's much better for your skin. As far as FoxBlogs' Rockies coverage, there are no other Rox specific blogs over there yet, but I'll keep looking. Also check back with JonnyAck5 from time to time, as he seems to be covering the whole Denver sports scene, and his insights on the Rockies might be alright.

Meanwhile, another mainstream source of blogging that I was skeptical of at first, MLBlogs, has actually proven pretty decent for the Rockies so far. Last season it was current Bad Altitude writer Mark Donohoe covering the Rox, and this season it's Rox Fan in TN, Tom Stephenson's The Coors Effect that's keeping up the pace. Congratulations again to Tom on his graduation this past weekend.

Rox Head has brought up a point I keep on forgetting to mention, the bullpen has been really stretched so far on this trip, at least we have the The Dohbermann fairly fresh. Last night we got a deep start by JJ, which helped, but there are still twelve games left before our next off day. A complete game by Big Red today would be fabulous.

Up in the Rockies has a comparison of the Rockies' two best Aprils ever up. Very highly recommended reading there.

Baseball with an Altitude continues to plug away in its initial season, particularly noteworthy was the April 27th post going after Clint Hurdle for his sacrifice bunt tendencies.

Jobs, school, and what have you have been keeping a couple of the other blogs from updating apparently, but that should change once we get deeper into May.

Go Rockies!