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Saturday Pebble Report

Colorado Springs: The Sky Sox lost twelve to five, Ryan Shealy hit a homerun. Jeff Baker had three hits, JD Closser two for the Sky Sox.

Tulsa: The Drillers split a double header with identical 3-2 scores. Tulsa won the first game, despite not having a very good performance by Ubaldo Jimenez who gave up six hits and walked six batters in a little over four innings. Joe Koshansky was the highlight reel on offese, going three for six for the day with his eighth homerun in game two. His season OPS crept over the .900 mark during the two games.

Modesto: Without Corey Wimberly, the Nuts offense becomes pretty much the Matt Miller show (usually with a little help from Jonathan Herrera). When, Nuts pitchers give up eleven runs, Matt is usually incapable of making up the difference by himself. Hence, last night, the Nuts lost eleven to four.

Asheville: The long awaited season debut of Chaz Roe finally took place and I had to miss it to go see what I can only hope was a lame adaptation of a vastly popular book that I have not read. Anyway, Chaz wasn't spectacular, but he didn't disappoint, either, going five innings, allowing three runs on three hits and an error in a shaky fourth, but also striking out four and walking none. The Tourists eventually lost the game, seven to four.