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Game #43: Francis vs. Taubenheim

So it's abote time we get this thing started, eh.

I guess the League office figured since we have Francis on the team and since we had Larry Walker for so long, and since we love hockey as much as any United States city outside of Detroit -which wouldn't be interleague if the Jays played them anyway- that we were as worthy a place as any to take over Montreal's role as inter-Canadian rival to the Jays. Today Toronto resident Jeff Francis takes on his rooting interest when growing up, while Taubenheim debuts in the MLB (replacing the injured Gustavo Chacin) after a so-so rise through the minor league ranks. Ty was better as a reliever his first two professional seasons, than he has been since switching over to starting in the Milwaukee organization a couple of years back. This year in the IL he's got a low 1.36 ERA in eight starts, but his peripherals and splits indicate there's a lot of luck to that. In fact, that .098 BABIP for left handed batters is so flukey as to be surreal.

The Rockies should have the edge here again tonight, let's wrap up this series early. Go Rockies!