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Game Thread #45: Byung Hyun Kim vs Jae Seo

See, games like this are why I love baseball's 162 game schedule. Kind of like the other day when our Canadian went up against the rest of Canada and kicked their butt. Okay, so that's probably not quite how it happened, but that's how the story here says it. Anyway, tonight there are some similar intrigues, and I'm not only talking about the obvious pitching matchup. Our super sophomores are going to teach the Dodger rookies a thing or two about the importance of putting in some service time. Our surprising rookie reliever, Ramon Ramirez, will teach their surprising rookie reliever, Takashi Saito, that there's a big difference between performing like a rock and roll star at sea level and performing like one a mile up.

And yes, our South Korean pitcher is going to teach their South Korean pitcher the same things, and in the end the difference between how we feel after another win, and how the Dodgers feel after a loss. Go Rockies!