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Tuesday Pebble Report

Colorado Springs: Although Nix hit a homerun, the Sky Sox were shut out eight to nothing as brother Laynce and company got the better of Jayson and his team. Our Nix did have a stolen base, but that really didn't affect much, now did it.

Tulsa: Troy Tulowitzki hit his fourth homerun of the year and walked three times to help key a six to five Drillers victory. Although, now that I think about it, what really keyed it was Chris Iannetta's twelfth inning double and Joe Koshansky's walk-off single right after. Still, Tulsa wouldn't have even been in the conversation without Tulo or Jud Thigpen getting their knocks. Iannetta scored twice and looked solid, looking less pretty was Seth Smith's zero for six night. Juan Morillo pitched six innings and only allowed four hits, but he walked five, so it wasn't his best night either.

Modesto: Dragon Lo and Modesto won five to one, Justin Nelson (double number eleven) and Duke Sardinha (homerun number six) carried the offense like good yeomen. These are some of the unsung workhorses of the system, which really don't get enough credit sometimes for even being at the level of professional ball they're at, and contributing. Anyway, despite going seven innings and allowing no runs, Lo's performance wasn't that great. Sure, allowing only five hits was pretty good, but that's more about some strange BABIP voodoo magic than real substance. He had a 4/2 BB/K ratio and a 9/8 GB/FB rate, which says that maybe he was mroe lucky than good last night.

Asheville: The Tourists won nine to seven, with Dexter Fowler and EY Jr. providing much of the early offense to keep things close, and Daniel Carte providing the final blast secure the win. Fowler finished two for five after getting a double and triple his second and third time up. Young had a pair of hits, a pair of runs and a pair of steals. Carte, meanwhile, had one of his best games of the season, not only did he hit the winning homerun (a two run shot in the top of the ninth) but he also was the lead runner on a pivotal double steal in the four run fifth inning. Jason Van Kooten also scored twice after getting aboard three times with a hit and two walks.