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Wednesday Player Posit #1: Trade Matt Holliday, Call Up Jeff Baker

What?! Am I mad? Alright, maybe, I'll admit this one is more of a teaser to draw out some controversy right off the bat (Baker's been getting lots of benefits from Sky Sox stadium this year, inflating his numbers). So forget the Baker addendum, but let me explain why I think that eventually even this season, trading Matt Holliday might not be as bad of an idea as you'd initially be inclined to believe.

Reason #1: Matt Holliday is already packing his bags.

I came to this conclusion yesterday, actually, when I heard from Rox Fan in TN that he was making an appearance on a nationally syndicated radio show. These things are never innoculous. I've learned from studying enough fashion magazine covers and watching enough Oprah that when the stars come out, they're trying to sell you something, namely themselves. If you think Scott Boras had Matt make this appearance for the benefit of Rockies brass alone, think again. As soon as Matt switched agents, to Scott, they cut out on negotiations for a longer contract. Boras is starting to sell the product which is Matt Holliday and he's looking to use the laws of advertising to create a stronger market for that product. I'm not saying that Matt and Boras wouldn't be inclined to sign a contract with the Rox, but only if we outbid whoever else comes calling.

That's why I think it might be in the best interests of the team to consider using the Boras created hype to their advantage and bring in a couple of top, close to the majors prospects, to achieve the overall goal of creating a perpetual contender here.

Reason #2: Matt Holliday isn't that good.

His tools are still special, but his skills haven't had the development we'd expect from it. He still K's too much, doesn't walk enough, and while he's enjoying more pop this season, this could be as good as we'll ever get from him. Is it enough? For now, certainly. We all have to give him some props for being part of the reason the Rockies are where they are today, but will he be worth the bloated contract he's angling for? That's harder to say.

Reason #3: Brad Hawpe is that good.

let's be honest, the Rockies have limited resources to spend on players, so sometimes tough decisions have to be made on who to keep, and who to let slip away. Right now, I say we have to be focusing in on signing Hawpe, as he will have more long term value to the franchise than Holliday. Boras as an agent gets his clients the money they're looking for. He's really very good at getting the players he represents salaries above what you'd normally see for the given quality of play. So, why should we drain the team's resources on a contract for a player who within two seasons could only be as high as the Rockies fifth best (1.Helton, 2. Hawpe, 3. Tulo, 4. Stewart...) on the field? It doesn't make a lot of sense to me from an economics standpoint. And then the necessary follow through: if we're not going to sign him to that contract and keep him, what is the most beneficial way of letting him get that contract elsewhere?

I say now is the time to explore our future here, and decide when it would be in our best interest to divest ourselves before we're stuck holding nothing.