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Wednesday Player Posit #2: Call Up Troy Tulowitzki to the Rockies sooner, rather than later

Reason #1: There is little point for Tulowitzki to go to Colorado Springs first.

Because the PCL is relatively weak this year, and because the quality of players in the Texas League relatively strong, the differences in the level of competition aren't enough in my mind to see much further development coming to Tulo with the Sky Sox that he wouldn't be able to get more of and sooner with the Rockies. The only reason at all would be to receive further infield instruction to hone his defense, as his batting skills will rise to MLB-ready quickly after his call-up. In fact, a possible minus with an extended stay in the Springs could be that Tulo will develop bad habits with home and away altitude adjustments at the plate.

Tulowitzki as a pitcher in Little League play.

If you don't believe me, look at the D-backs' Stephen Drew in Tucson. Drew "struggled" to adjust to the PCL for two weeks to start the year before looking like the super-shortstop everybody expects him to be over the last thirty plus games. Over the last month, from every report I've heard, there is nothing more for him to do there except get bored. The bottom line for me is that if it's keeping the Rockies from winning by keeping a better player pining on the farm, than maybe we should rearrange the picture. Which brings me to...

Reason #2: Clint Barmes

Barmes has quietly become the Danny Ardoin of our infield, and since we already have Danny Ardoin, that's even a bigger problem than it could be. Within the last few days, Tulowitzki's Major League Equivalent average (adjusted for league and level of play) has come within spitting distance of Barmes' actual results. Over the month of May, Tulo's results have indicated that he could be better at the plate right now were he with the Rockies. Troy is likely only to get better over the next few years, whereas Clint is near his expected peak. Given our other options, it's really not that difficult of a call to make, here.

Reason #3: Gen-"R"evenue

These answers seem cruel as I objectify players in fiscal terms, but baseball is a business. It has been since leagues went pro. Therefore, as with the Holliday decision, choices have to be made at least in part with money in mind. Whereas the choice with Holliday was more of an outflow question, this one has more to do with inflow. Which player do you think will sell more gate tickets and licensed merchandise by name draw alone? Which player gives the Rockies a better chance to get to the playoffs, or at least stay competitive late in the season to attract strong crowds?

If the answer is the same to both questions, you go with that player. If the answer is a split decision, you go with the answer that brings the larger payout. I think for now the answer to the first question is still Barmes (players at the MLB level always have greater Q than minor league players, plus the fast start Barmes had last year has created a mini-personality cult) but I think that would change rapidly given Clint's slump and the hype surrounding Tulowitzki. The second question is also close, but in my mind Tulo is the stronger bet.