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Virtual Road Trip: Stop Five, Palo Alto

Unfortunately, after that surreal experience with Bob Hope's ghost. I virtually woke up this morning on the beach. What's worse is that I wasn't exactly sure which beach,

but I kind of remember the party Reference Boy and I crashed last night, I think it was with some students from UC Santa Cruz. I don't know exactly what happened to Reference Boy. That's okay, he'll catch up I'm sure. I can tell you that I am in desperate need of a shower, but I've temporarily solved my budget issues by selling my tickets to tonight's Giants game for fifty bucks plus about ten random A's tickets I figure I can pawn off for a few more dollars, and I also got a cd:

Anyway, I figure by not virtually being at tonight's game, I can ward off the jinx. Still wanting to see some baseball, though, I headed over to Palo Alto where the lowly farm plays UC Davis tonight in the first of a home and home set to close out the season. Go Davis! What's their mascot, anyway? I hope it's not another Banana slug. Oh jeez. I think my bra's still got sand in it. I gotta fix that and get some headache pills.

Huh, Greg Reynolds pitches tonight.

Keep me informed on the Rox, peeples, I'll get back to you tomorrow.