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Virtual Road Trip: Stop Six, Sunset District

Okay, the Rockies have to win tonight. Why? Because in my eagerness to make back the money I spent on three pairs of shoes, a bag, a couple of way cute tops and a pair of jeans back in Melrose I might have made a little bet with a bookie somewhere near Chinatown. Alright, it was two bags. And a dress, but I swear that was it besides the necklace to go with that dress. Anyway, so the Rockies have to break this four game losing streak or else I am some major trouble with a couple of virtual people I really don't want to be in trouble with. At least they don't know where I'm staying.

Oh great, I might as well put a picture up now:

Anyway, most of my day was spent in this laundry where I ran into this Giants fan who started totally mocking my Rockies cap. That was not fun. About all I could think of as a comeback was, "Well, you guys have Pedro Feliz, still," which actually worked pretty well for some reason as he left me alone and went off sobbing.

After that this other girl came in and sold me some diet pills. Which I kind of need because I ate a little too much soudough at the wharf last night. At least I think they're diet pills, she said something about selling Barry Bonds the "one pill that makes you large". Only then she kept on calling him Alice for some reason.

In case you haven't heard, there seem to be a lot of strange people in San Francisco. I mean, the city registers a little more crazy per thousand than I've found in most cities I've come across. Part of the reason I think is that the people here are genuinely okay with their craziness, and a lot of them are rich, which helps too, I guess.

I really don't know where I was going with that, but uhm.., yeah... crazy... so you said this is the pill that "makes me small"? Right? Are you sure this is a diet thing...

Uh... I've got to go to the game now... Wow... was that a spaceship? whoah. San Francisco is so cool. Let me post a picture, you've got to see this, it has these rockets that are shooting flowers and, well, I think the pic will describe it best: