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West Coast Virtual Road Trip: Stop Seven, undisclosed

Listen, I really can't stop for very long to talk. So where were we? Oh yeah, yesterday I made this bet with this gang of thugs from the San Francisco Art Institute, as I was really thinking the Rockies would win that game. Well, they didn't, obviously I should have waited one more day. So the Art gang kind of sent these goons out to collect the debt:

and these shylocks have been making my life a little trickier of late. So last night Reference Boy and I hid out at this little night spot I'd never been to before called the Cherry Bar and Lounge. It's a pretty happening place, I've got to tell you guys there are lots of ladies in there, although they mostly seemed more interested in dancing than checking out the guys. Anyway, after we saw the young mulleted Kurt Russell scoping out the motel, we were only too happy to take up this girl Emma's offer to put us up for the last night. I think she might have something for Reference Boy. I've got to try to keep those two separated.

So this morning, I ditched the rental, sent Reference Boy to the Embarcadero as a decoy, and have driven off with Emma toward San Diego a day early, I have never met anybody so nice. Imagine to use your car to take off on a five hundred mile trip with someone you just met. Wow. It'll be just like Thelma and Louise except without the lesbian overtones, right Emma?

Why are you looking at me like that, Emma? What's so funny?