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West Coast Virtual Road Trip: Stop Eight, The OC ... and then the SDC

Previously on the WCVRT:
Rox Girl took off virtually for the West Coast to follow her beloved Rockies. After the trip started off disastrously, with the Rockies losing their first five games and Rox Girl losing her trip money betting with a gang of art students, things started to turn for the better when she met Emma at a San Francisco dance club and bar. Emma and Rox Girl took off for San Diego and the start of the Padres series, leaving Rox Girl's trusty sidekick Reference Boy to fight off this Jack Burton guy and his friends who think they can collect on Rox Girl's debt.

Emma and I drove all day down the San Diego Freeway, with only small stops for food and catnaps. Emma wanted to get a hotel, but I told her it was too dangerous. I had a sinking suspicion that Action-Mullet Kurt Russell was onto where we were headed, and gaining quickly on our trail. I think Emma sensed my urgency, she seemed to have something on her mind as well. Finally, as we stopped for lunch at the Wahoo's in Fashion Island, and as I was trying to will a higher limit on my credit cards into existence, Emma spoke up:

Em Rox Girl, I have to tell you something, it's kind of important.
RG Sure Emma, I hardly know you, but you are driving me to Petco, what's on your mind?
Em I don't think you'll understand, but...
RG Hey, can I use that lime wedge? Thanks. Mmmm, I love fish tacos, don't you?
Em Yes, but no, wait listen, this is important to me, I need you to know something.
RG Need me to know? What are you talking about?
Em Uhm, well, you see, I'm not like the other girls. I'm different, I like different things.
RG Different things?
Em Can't you see?! Rox Girl, I'm a... I'm a Padres fan!
RG ...
Em Well, say something, damn it.
RG I... I don't know what to say, Emma. That's, that's so... wrong.
Em It's not wrong, Rox Girl. I know that now. It's nothing to be ashamed of. There are thousands of us, just go to Gaslamp Ball and see for yourself.
RG But you, you lied to me.
Em I felt like I had no choice, I wasn't sure if you'd let me use your other ticket if I told you the truth.
RG How could I be so mistaken? All this time I thought you were after Reference Boy, and it turns out it was always my tickets you were after.
Em Will you ever forgive me?
RG I don't know, I feel so betrayed, I need to be left alone right now.
Em Rox Girl...
RG No! Leave me alone!

Rox Girl exits toward the Neiman Marcus, Emma, in tears rushes out to her car. Close up on Rox Girl, pondering what she's said, and the handbag she sees in a store window. Then, through the reflection in the glass, outside the entry to the mall she sees a familiar semi-truck. Jack Burton!

RG Emma! NO!!

Rox Girl is too late. Jack Burton crashes into Emma's car. Rox Girl runs to the scene and pulls Emma from the wreckage, but there's no response.

RG Oh, Emma, what have I done!
Paramedics arrive, pulling Emma's limp body away from the despondent Rox Girl.

Paramedic One There's nothing you can do for her now. Were you her...
RG We weren't for the same team, but that doesn't mean something like this should have happened.
Para 2 Listen, we have to clear the scene, here. Is there someplace we can take you where you'll be safe?
RG Petco Park. Emma would have wanted it that way.