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Game #51: Jennings vs Thompson

Alright, first point of business, Colorado native, Mike Thompson, is not that good. He has enjoyed some success this year in his first two career starts, but my guess is that's mostly due to the League's unfamiliarity with him as through his seven year minor league career he's always only been just decent enough to get by. In fact, the 1.44 WHIP he's posted through the minors is a bit high for someone who's made it this far. Second, JJ isn't quite as bad as his current three game losing streak would have it sound, either. In fact, in total this is another pitching matchup that should favor us, but we haven't had the best of success in those situations lately. My guess is the law of averages will eventually start to catch up to Thompson, and will start to reverse our play against inferior opponents, and tonight will be as good as any to start those events happening.

Go Rockies!