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Tagging the Minors: Rockies Minor League Players of the Month

With more draft attention in the upcoming week, I figured I could start doing a May review a couple of days early.

Colorado Springs:

JD Closser

Ryan Shealy has been an absolute beast in eighty or so at bats since returning from the DL, Jeff Baker has come on strong at the end, but my vote goes to Closser for restoring some luster to his status as a full-fledged Gen "R" guy. While with the Springs in May, Closser hit eight doubles and two homeruns, walked as much as he struck out (nine each) and played some outstanding defense. Oh, and not to mention, by the end of the month, the Rockies recalled him to the big league club.


Chris Iannetta

It's two for two for catchers in my mind, although there are several other worthy candidates from Tulsa, including Enmanuel Ulloa and Joe Koshansky, mostly. At any rate Iannetta's power display probably gets him the nod. He's hit five homeruns this month, four doubles and a triple. And with that power has the rest of his bat dropped off? Check out his April and May splits as of the 24th. His average and OBP were exactly the same for both months. Talk about consistency.


Duke Sardinha

If there's a team in the Rockies system that's benefitted the most from our depth in talented reserve players, it's Modesto, and Sardinha's May has exemplified the quiet performance these players provide. Thirteen of the hits Sardinha's collected have gone for extra bases, and his steady play has provided solid protection for Matt Miller to showcase his skills at the plate as well. Sure Sardinha might not ever be considered in our Purps discussions, but that doesn't mean I can't give the occasional call out when the performance merits such. Here's to the Duke.

Other Nuts to be considered include Miller, and yet another catcher in Neil Wilson.


Chris Nelson

What a difference a month makes. Although Chris tailed off a little the last three games or so, he's been making a remarkable turnaround this month, increasing his contact rate, showing more patience, and showing more of the pop we've been expecting since he broke into the Pioneer League. Other potential candidates included Brandon Durden and EY Jr.