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Reds - Rockies and a little spat...

I haven't gotten around much to previewing our series with the best team in baseball (well, until tonight, anyway) but this should be an interesting set of games. Two surprisingly hot division leaders trying to prove which one has the most staying power. I'll have more thoughts on things tonight, but I do want to point you a couple of directions to find out what kind of big red machine (hmm, kind of has a ring to it) we're playing tonight.

First of all, if you're going to spy on the enemy, start by spying on Red Hot Mama cause she likes the attention as much as I do (oh -it's on girl- your boys aren't going to come into my house at Coors all disrespectful and think they can get away with it). And second, also visit the excellent SBNation Reds blog, JD Arney's Red Reporter and tell me what you find because I'm busy with my Purps list. Sigh. Fine. Maybe I'll go snooping myself a little later.