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West Coast Virtual Road Trip: Stop Nine, Kensington, La Jolla

How come I'm always ending up in bars on this trip? Anyway, I couldn't get too happy about the Rockies shutting out the Padres because I kept thinking about Emma, and Reference Boy, and that bag I never purchased at Neiman Marcus, and the first five games of the trip.

"You think two measly wins is enough to pay for all of that misery?!" I was surprised at how loud I said it. The bartender eyed me a bit more suspiciously than he had before.

No, I realized. Two Rockies wins weren't enough to make up for it. It would take four on the road trip. And then a nice start-off upon our homecoming, and I'd have to go back for that handbag. Anyway, the Kensington Club has a real dive bar feel to it, but not a disgusting-afraid-to-use-the-restroom hole in the wall dive bar feel. It's less touristy than the Gaslamp District or Old Town and in these Southern California cities you learn to appreciate that after you've been there awhile.

Okay, I really have to hit the beach sometime while I'm down here. Let's see. Generally I rate which San Diego beach to visit on the following scale:

How attractive do I feel in my bathing suit?

1. Damn, Rox Girl, you are hot. Everybody should see you: Mission Beach

2. Well, not bad, I mean, not Mission Beach good, but still, it's not like you'll be tagged as a Sea World refugee: La Jolla

3. Time to go someplace where the standards aren't quite as high, even though the beachgoers are: Ocean Beach

4. Uhm, maybe you better go where nobody knows your name, or will know your name, or have a chance to meet a distant relative who happens to have a picture of you in their wallet so they can compare notes on your mild chunkiness: Encinitas

5. If you've got to go to a beach at all, best go to a "family" beach where someone will think you're just trying to lose your pregnancy pounds: Coronado

6. Sea World refugee: Best we skip out on the beach this year, try hiking.

7. What swimsuit? Black's Beach

So there you have it, Rox Girl's guide to the beaches of San Diego. Fabulous, I've got to get me some rays.