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Game #53: Francis vs Hensley

An afternoon game for the Rockies and San Diego Padres today, I'm going to be in and out with laundry and errands, though, so I don't know how much time I'll have to post before game time. At any rate, it would be nice to see Jeff Francis come in with as solid a performance as JJ and Cook put up in the first two games, as our bats should be able to do more damage against Hensley than they mustered last night versus Young. I'm not convinced yet that the Padres have the better squad out there this year, here are my snap judgements on talent, without any sort of scientific backing position by position:

Pos - Advantage

1B - Rockies
2B - Padres
SS - Definitely Padres
3B - Rockies
C  - Padres for now
RF - Rockies
CF - Padres
LF - split decision

SP#1: Padres
SP#2: Rockies
SP#3: Rockies
SP#4: Rockies
SP#5: I'll say Rockies, but it's a toss-up

Relief: Rockies

Bench: split decision

Alright, so they've got a slight advantage with positional players at the moment, but our superiority on the mound should be making up for that. Really, we shouldn't be behind this team anymore. Let's move on to higher place now, team.
Go Rockies!