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Reds' Wives, Girlfriends Help Solve Rockies Humidor Problem.

More smaktalk for my Reds counterparts. For this entry it would help if you read RHM's fake news story from yesterday for some context. Also check out the Church's defaming our lovable and completely harmless mascot (the purple dinosaur, not Danny Ardoin). So I just had to do it. I mean they started it, well, kind of, anyway...

Readers of the popular Reds blog, Red Hot Mama, might have been surprised to find a game was even played last night, after reading a report a forfeit was in the works due to a malfunction of the Rockies' humidor wherein all of the Rockies baseballs are kept in a climate controlled environment. It turns out, the report helped the problem solve itself.

"I read that awful news and thought immediately, this is something I can help fix," a sympathetic Raquel Aurilia said. "So I called all the gals and we decided to pitch together and come up with a solution so the game could go ahead. After meeting with the Rockies, we decided the best idea was just to split up and work in tandem with Rockies players and officials to get some good balls out there."

"It was really nice of them ladies to help us, out. Really nice," said James Wiener, Rockies Senior Director of Engineering and Facilities.

"We went to parks, sporting goods stores, you name it. I think in the back of some guy's station wagon Aimee (Arroyo) and Mr. Wiener found a nice pair." Melissa Griffey said.

Some balls were easier to find than others.

"We took another look at Ray King's and it looked like you could just about lick the blue stuff off. We just tried playing with them a bit more in the rain and they worked fine," said Griffey. "We like to do things like this all around the league, it's sort of like being the goodwill ambassadors for the Reds."

Neither Adam Dunn's wife or girlfriend were able to help out as they were both out of town, but there was plenty of help to go around otherwise.

So did the Rockies appreciate the efforts of the Reds' wives?

"Oh yeah, they've been great guests," centerfielder Cory Sullivan said, "Man, I wish all our opponents were this accommodating."

When asked about the efforts of the team's wives to make sure the Rockies were ready to go, Reds skipper Jerry Narron shrugged it off.

"All that off-field stuff don't matter. Bottom line is, the Rockies scored last night, we didn't."