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Random Musings for Today

In Jim Callis' latest ASK BA Troy Tulowitzki is the best defender among the top three SS in the minors (the other two being Drew and Wood) -- Drew is the best pure hitter and Wood has the best power.

Troy E. Renck's latest Mailbag:

  • Shealy will be traded once he heats up for the Sky Sox - Well, isn't that obvious?
  • Atkins to 2nd? - Well, it makes sense that Atkins can't play second, but could he play the outfield in Coors Field? Anyone remember when the Yankees visited Coors in 2002 and Nick Johnson played a game in LF?
  • Fan realizes Clint Hurdle doesn't always know what he's doing - Is there anything more to say?
  • The team might add payroll at the deadline, as long as they are contending (and he mentions it twice!) - Well, I hope that means a realistic chance of contending, not like when the Mets traded Kazmir for Zambrano.