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Driving a Wheeler off a Lidge and walking away to talk about it.

So, last night's five to four Rockies win was an unwelcome homecoming for apparently a travel-weary Brad Lidge. The Astros' closer -and Colorado native- was going to be pitching for the fourth night in a row, and yet Phil Garner insisted on pushing him out there because it was a save situation. Sometime that kind of insanity has to stop. I kind of feel for Brad but am very happy the Rockies gutted out the win.

Perhaps now, skeptics will start to see that Colorado and it's amazing space-pen (writes upside down!) aren't just flukes, particularly when their own relief crew has been kind of leaky. What's particularly sad to me is that because he's not a starter, position player or a closer, Ramon Ramirez isn't getting any national attention so far for ROY honors, with the Marlins' Josh Willingham seemingly getting the bulk of the early hype. Well, I guess David Pinto notices (enough to put him in a Beatles song, even) but I haven't seen many other outsiders look to Rami as one of the key reasons for our early success.

Alright, so I'm probably inclined to agree with the unbelievers that eventually Jose Mesa is destined to come back to earth, but as for most everybody else on the roster, I think soon the converts will start to see that the Rockies aren't going to go away quietly.