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Game #31: Jennings vs Wandy

Sorry, I've just got to go first name only with anyone who goes by Wandy. Anyway, JJ hasn't had much success versus the 'Stros, getting knocked around for twelve runs per nine in the last three years. Of course, this amounts to just four starts, so I'd take caution in looking too much into the tiny sample size here. That said, he does appear to have trouble getting the ball around Craig Biggio's bat thus far(five hits, three doubles) or over the plate at all whenever Lance Berkman's up (five walks in twelve PA's). He's given up a pair of homers each to Morgan Ensberg and Jeff Bagwell, but really, who hasn't?

Okay, realistically we have to look at a possibility of JJ having a sketchy outing. Why? Because it's still early in the year, and we know he does that occasionally. Therefore, is there any hope at all that Wandy, -he of the four and oh and one point ridiculously low WHIP- is there any chance this hot starting 'Stro could suffer a similar fate? Yes, a very good chance that Wandy will be torched, here are three reasons why:

  1. An evenly split GB/FB ratio means there will be some Coors Field singles dropping in front of outfielders.
  2. This is the case because the outfield will have to play pretty deep with a guy who even this year allows an extra base hit every time through a lineup (1 per 9AB's).
  3. Wandy's been a stud versus left handers this year, but last year it looked like Todd and Brad had him totally figured out going five for ten with one each of a double, triple and homerun and three walks combined. He remembers, they remember, if he doesn't get them down the first time through, watch out.
Okay, those are my reasons, it's mostly because Wandy looks like a prototypical Coors victim. Let's help get him some humility tonight,

Go Rockies!