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Left, Right, Middle

This particular lazy Sunday I have a little more time than usual, so I thought I'd do a round of links. The Rox are finally starting to blip on the national radar, witness these three accounts from around the country in today's sports sections:

from Bruce Jenkins of the SF Gate

The Giants pay no price for their horribleness. The two teams that concerned them on the eve of the season, San Diego and Los Angeles, haven't impressed a soul. Solid young hitters abound in Arizona and Colorado (many observers say it's time to stop belittling the Rockies, who are very close to being for real), but nobody expects either of those rotations to hold up for long.

Still, there's not much consolation in "Hey, everybody else is awful, too," or "We're only 31/2 games out." If you're as shaky and vulnerable as the Giants have looked so far, there's no escaping the inevitability of a grim September and a Cheetos-on-the-sofa October.

From Jesse Spector of the New York Daily News

But Colorado's pitchers are figuring out how to negotiate the differences between their unique home park and everywhere else they go. The Rockies entered the weekend ranked fifth in the majors with a 3.71 road ERA. Their 4.95 home mark - 19th in the majors - stands as stunning when you consider that no Rockies team has ever compiled a sub-5.00 home ERA.

"We have the starting pitching working the way we believe it's capable of working," says Hurdle, whose team will leave Denver after today's game against the Astros to play 15 of its next 21 games on the road. "It'll all comes down to pitching, like it always does, like it always will. Maybe we're due to start pitching a little bit better."

From Rick Hummel of STLToday

NEWS ITEM: The Colorado Rockies achieved their second three-game series sweep on the road at Florida last weekend. That's one more than they had in their previous 112 road series, dating to 2001. The Rockies are 15-10 on the road. Last year, they were 6-35 at one point.

HUMMEL'S TAKE: The Rockies have some young pitchers who aren't afraid to throw strikes in Coors Field, which translates to pitching more confidently on the road, too. They have a top closer in Brian Fuentes. And they have a trio of standout young hitters to go with Todd Helton in Matt Holliday, Brad Hawpe and Garrett Atkins. In an extremely weak NL West Division, the Rockies may even challenge for the title.

Okay, so maybe our own Western division paper hasn't quite caught on that we're for real, but that's okay, we've known the Giants and their followers to be in denial of reality for some time now. At least they're noticing us.