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Game #33: Franchise vs. Marquis

So Jeff Francis has reclaimed his title temporarily, at least, with his last dominant outing versus the Reds last week. Apparently, according to him, the mystical secret is to throw strikes, rather than to throw it wherever. Meanwhile, thanks to the team deciphering a lost codex of the ancient baseball templars, wherein the secret formula of winning was revealed to be to sac bunt whenever you have a guy on first, the team has once again recaptured sole position of first place over the surging D-backs. Which brings us to tonight, a tricky away tilt with the other best team in the NL Central that we haven't played over the last week.

The Cardinals are tough, but they don't have the code. No, they rely on walking and waiting and watching Albert Pujols hit the five run homer. And though they've been succesful with that strategy nineteen times this year, they are bound to fail when faced with our superior knowledge of "throwing strikes", "getting in scoring position" and "getting uncharacteristic production from Jamey Carroll".

Go Rockies!