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Tuesday Pebble Report:

Colorado Springs: Sunny Kim had a rough outing to follow up his previous excellent turn, getting smacked around for seven runs in five innings of work. Actually, he was only smacked around in the first two innings and then pitched pretty well, but you can't start off wild in the Springs and not expect to pay for it. the two Ryans each hit their second homeruns of the season, R. Spillborghs also added a double and a walk. Jeff Baker also had a pair of hits.

Tulsa: Our top three position Purps (Ian Stewart, Troy Tulowitzki, and Chris Iannetta) combined to go zero for thirteen last night, but that's alright because Purp #18, Seth Smith (three for four with two doubles and two runs scored) and one of the guys who tied for thirty-first, Joe Gaetti (two hits, a double, and two RBI) picked up the slack. Enmanuel Ulloa pitched well and Manuel Corpas picked up his seventh save on the season.

Modesto: Modesto had the night off. Slackers.

Asheville: Eric Young Jr. continues to burn up the basepaths, he got aboard twice and stole second both times, bringing his season total to twenty. Chris Cook went three for four with two doubles and the Tourists won five to four.