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Rocky Mountain Sunrise

There's a lot of reason to be excited about our twentieth win on the season last night. It means we'll still be in first at least through tomorrow. It means that we can go toe to toe with the NL's best teams and look alright in the process, and it gives us a lot of confidence heading into what will still be a gruellng month to come. One of the best things about the win, however, are all the indications still seem to point to our team getting even better over the next couple of seasons.

For instance, with last night's five to two win, Jeff Francis ties Pedro Astacio as the fastest Rockie to ever record his twentieth career victory with the team. It's taken Franchise forty-seven games to get there. Aaron Cook wouldn't be far behind if we counted only starts. With Francis, Cook, Jason Jennings and Byung Hyun Kim all pitching well, the Rockies are in a position with the rotation that they have never experienced before, not once in our brief history have we had this kind of success this deep in the rotation. Okay, I promise I won't get too excited, I know it's still early in the year, but I'm just looking at this from following the team since it started, that I have never been this confident in the starting pitchers we have going out every five days.

Okay. That's all. Oh, and Matt Holliday, I'm sorry for all the bad things I ever said about you. You rock! :)