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Miscellaneous Minor League and Draft Thoughts

A few weeks ago I made a comment about the short-season leagues starting up. Now, we won't know complete rosters until right before the season begins. But I think we can come together and have some idea about a few of the guys already in the system and will most likely be going to Casper and Tri-City. A few of the ones that come to mind are Mauris Loupadiere, Radames Nazario and Aneury Rodriguez. Any others already in the system but not on a roster right now?

We'll also see a few guys from the DSL make their U.S. debut most likely.


Draft Musings:

Over at Perfect Games' Allan Simpson says that Hochevar is a target for the Royals at #1, and that they'd be willing to give start out at $4M and move up to Prior-like money. But he makes it sound like Miller or Lincoln will be the choice.

Also, the Draft site MLB has put up the Draft Tracker to make it easier looking for draft videos. Let's make some comments about the guys that have video.

[editor's note, by Rox Fan in NY] Always check out's Draft Section which now has 162 player profiles.