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Sunday Pebble Report (With more pebbles then before!)

Scroll down a little, and you'll find out that either Alvin Colina or Chris Iannetta might be headed to the Springs soon.

College: Greg Reynolds pitched last night and K'ed 9, but took the loss. 14th rounder Jeff Kindel hit a two-run homer as the Yellow Jackets advanced to the CWS for the first time since 2002. ORU's Sean Jarrett had a better outing yesterday by going 1 1/3 innings and K'ing 1, but ORU was eliminated. He should sign soon as he is a senior.

Colorado Springs: Jeff Salazar continued to re-establish himself as a future CFer for the Rockies last night by driving in 4 runs, both 2-run singles. He stole his first base of the season, too. Jeff Baker surprisingly took 3 walks last night. Nate Field has 12 saves on the season as the Sky Sox won 7-5.

Tulsa: This one was tight, but the Drillers pulled off the win after Alvin Colina singled in Koshansky in the bottom of the 8th. Troy Tulowitkzi notched 2 more RBI (33) and 2 walks (21). Manuel Corpas continues to pile on the saves as he now has 18.

Modesto: Jonathan Herrera and Justin Nelson both had 2 RBI as the Nuts won 9-5. Nelson's came by the way of a homer. Jose Valdez also had an RBI. Ryan Mattheus went 5, gave up 3 ER, walked 3 and K'ed 6.

Asheville: The Tourists lost this one 6-5, after Daniel Carte GIDP to end the game. Carte, Nelson, Garner, Cook and Rosenthal all had 1 RBI each. Nelson had 2 doubles on two hits (17, 18). Alan Johnson went 6 innings, gave up 5 R on 7 H, walked 2, K'ed 6 and gave up 2 homers.