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Wednesday Gossip

Just how serious are the Rockies in their pursuit of a leadoff hitter? And how serious do they need to be? With just under a hundred games left and the team only three back of the division leading Dodgers and Diamondbacks, we're definitely still in this thing despite our recent struggles. Both the Dodgers and Diamondbacks are looking to use their abundance of prospects for starting pitching and other position players to give them an edge in the division. San Diego and San Francisco aren't going to be selling off either, although given the derelict nature of their systems, perhaps they should be. So it becomes a question of how much the Rockies truly believe they are going to be able to contend this season and whether it's worth it to give up on some of the most promising arms in the system.

To get Carl Crawford, the Rox would have to beat the Angels offer of Ervin Santana, plus prospects, and that would be hard to do unless we were willing to ship off Ubaldo Jimenez. Being in contention is a spot in the middle of June we're unaccustomed to being in, and O'Dowd certainly has to be careful with whatever decision he makes. My take is that given what Tampa usually asks for its players midseason, Crawford is likely to cost too much for a run this year alone. Since he's contracted through 2008, though, the possibility is far more intriguing as he's likely to provide more value than either Sullivan or Jeff Salazar over that time frame. U-ball is by no means a sure thing, but if he does live up to his potential, the trade could wind up being Scott Kazmir embarrassing. I'd rather trade the more raw Morales or Morillo if at all possible in a deal for Crawford, although given the lack of available talent at this point, that seems unlikely. A more reasonably priced solution might be the Blue Jays' Vernon Wells, as the Jays have several needs (starting and relief help, middle infield) that the Rockies might be able to come up with a fit for.