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Saturday Pebble Report

Colorado Springs: The Sky Sox lost as Sunny Kim continued to struggle in his return to AAA. Kaz had two hits and Jeff Baker three for the Springs.

Tulsa: Lost two to nothing as Steven Register's fine outing went to waste and the Drillers' offense could manage only two hits on Springfield. The Drillers will try again to clinch a playoff berth tonight, with Juan Morillo taking the mound versus Stuart Pomeranz.

Modesto: The ModBee has an interesting and slightly disconcerting comparison of Franklin Morales to Jesus Colome in their recap today. Obviously, as Rockies fans we hope for a little more than that, but if Morales can't find the strikezone with more consistency, we might not get it. In the Bee's note column we learn Darren Clarke is set to return and Andrew Kreidermacher was sent down to Tri-City to open a spot on the roster. Samuel Deduno vs Cesar Ramos has promise for a pretty nifty pitching matchup tonight.

Asheville: Daniel Carte had a double and homerun and continues to warm up with the weather. His defense has been solid this year, his bat is now coming in line with what we were hoping to begin with. It's been a long climb from the .184 average he was at on April 29. Xavier Cedeno had a solid start and Andrew Johnston earned his fourth save in the six to three win.

Casper: This blog entry from the Star Tribune at least gives an idea of who's in town.

CWS: Jeff Kindel and Georgia Tech lost on day one, Jay Cox and North Carolina won. Scott Maine's Miami team plays today. By the way, I never realized "cole garner" was so good at picking college baseball teams. If that's actually one of you guys, I'll be very disappointed.