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Interdivisional Draft Review 2001-2005: 2004

  1. Colorado - After a pair of weaker drafts, the Rockies come back with a vengeance. Chris Nelson was the first pick, but after that the top level prospects just continue deep into the draft: Chris Iannetta, Joe Koshansky, Jim Miller, Matt Miller, Dexter Fowler, Xavier Cedeno. There's even a solid second tier, with Seth Smith, Matt Macri, and Steven Register all being legit MLB candidates. I mean seriously, for a single team to get this many good to very good prospects from a single draft is unheard of (well, unless you count the Dodgers the year before).
  2. Arizona - It's a good thing that the Rockies' 2004 draft was so special, because the Diamondbacks' did yet another stand-up job in making their picks that year. Stephen Drew leads it off, and he'll be a big time player, but the D-backs also got Garrett Mock and Ross Ohlendorf and John Zerinque among others still rising, so they were certainly not hurting with the picks either. Now, that said, when pundits like myself talk about how Arizona's farm is weak on pitching talent, and yet you see me mention several pitchers (like Mock and Ohlendorf) in my evaluations of their drafts, realize that their depth in pitching is alright, but none of these pitchers profile more than mid-rotation at the MLB level.
  3. Los Angeles - When an "off year" in drafting still provides your team with talent like Scott Elbert and Corey Dunlap and Javy Guerra, you know you have pretty solid talent evaluators. The Dodgers' 2004 draft suffered from a couple of high profile non-signs in Joe Savery and David Price.
  4. San Francisco - A good draft, several of these players might crack the big leagues, but San Fran's draft lacks much of a ceiling as at this point I don't see any of these players becoming big stars in the league. Eddy Martinez Esteve heads the bunch, a couple of the pitchers have already seen some service time in the pen.
  5. San Diego - The 2004 draft wasn't lacking for talent, the other teams in the division have proven this, but San Diego came up with a real dud of a draft here, especially when you consider that they had the first pick overall. Eleventh round selection Matt Varner might turn out to be their best pick that year.