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Colorado Rockies Game #70: Kim vs Haren

The A's come into town having just beaten the bejeezus out of the division leading Dodgers, and riding a ten game win streak, while the Rox laid an egg in St. Louis after starting off so well in Washington. So, I'm predicting that the Rockies will win tonight and win this series, probably pretty easily.

Why? Easy: the Dodgers have looked good on paper all year, I mean check out Nomar's average, Matt Kemp's rookie stats, and so on and so on, and they're doing it at the mother of all pitcher parks for crying out loud. The Dodgers have looked so good on paper in fact, that whenever the Rockies play the Dodgers, we read the papers and we get trashed. Yet Oakland cut through the Dodger lineup like a pair of scissors. So paper beats rock, scissors beats paper, Rockies beat Athletics.

[editor's note, by Rox Fan in NY] Check out Athletics Nation, which is always great.