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Rock beats scissors every time.

Seven to nothing Rockies! I heart BK when he's on. Anyway, I told you. You just can't get analysis like that anywhere else ;)

Speaking of this series and my expert internet analysis, apparently it has come to my attention that in addition to this week's pivotal interleague matchup, our hometown actually has a rivalry going with Oakland in another professional sport. I looked it up on the internet, and the only thing I could find was this little piece of history regarding the old ABA Denver Rockets (later the Nuggets, not the same as the Houston team) who won their first playoff series ever against the creatively named Oakland Oaks.

Proposed logo for the Washington Graft, circa 1970

The Oaks apparently moved to Washington and realizing there were no oak trees there and wanting to keep the whole "name the team after what the city is known for" bit, decided against the "Washington Graft" and instead nicknamed themselves the "Caps", as in "I'm going to pop a Cap in your..." and then they must have renamed themselves the Bullets later when people didn't get the late twentieth century American-urban slang reference. Of course, once the NRA was booted out of D.C. late in the Clinton Administration, as we all know, the Bullets decided rather than going after the Grand Theft Auto crowd that it wanted more Dungeons and Dragons types, so it changed it's name to the Washington +23 Wizard Staffs, before deciding it was better off with just Wizards. Interesting, huh? And they say you never learn anything on the net.