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Rockies use miracle product to look more legit...

Does your team have a sagging run differential? Do your pythag wins not quite match up to your real wins and make everybody think you're faking it? Well I've got good news for you my friends, thanks to the folks who brought you such brilliant innovations as "The Humidor" and "Bible-ball", you don't have to look like you're in a place in the standings you don't belong anymore! With the Beat Oakland Method, your ugly pythag record will turn around in no time, listen to the testimonials of some people who've tried the BOM:

"Man, before I tried the Beat Oakland Method, I couldn't go to any general baseball site without being laughed out of the room by stat freaks. 'Your record's just a fluke' they'd say. But now, after shutting out the A's the last two days, we're looking so much better," says Omar Q.

"Using the Beat Oakland Method for the first time is so simple. I mean two games and bam-bam, both are shutouts. It's just like eating ice cream, you never want to stop," says Clint H.

Isn't it time you gave the A's a call and scheduled them to visit your city, so you too could enjoy these fabulous results? Call our operators today and try the BOM for yourself!