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Blogging makes teenagers of us all...

As a blogger, don't get me wrong, I like attention. So when a certain site notices me and says:

"Hey Rox Girl, what 'chyu doin?"

I'm usually all for that. I'm like:

"Hey, yeah, I'm jus bloggin." or something. And really, I'm happy to be noticed. Yet when a site says:

"Hey Rox Girl, I couldn't help but notice you're a female and a blogger, and you blog about baseball, just like these other females blog about baseball..,"

and then I have to get compared to Bat-Girl or to Lisa Gray or Red Hot Mama or someone like that, that's when I kind of bristle. And this isn't any kind of feminist thing either, first of all I bristle because I know Rox Fan in NY is helping out now and I doubt very much he likes being clumped in with the lady baseball bloggers, but I also bristle because I know those women are better at this than I am.

Seriously, Bat-Girl knows how to mix humor and baseball, whereas the only thing I can mix with baseball with any sort of regularity is vodka, triple sec, and cranberry and lime juices. I once tried mixing humor with the stem cells of an octupus, but the government shut that operation down really quick. Lisa Gray is uber polished and her blogging just looks so professional while mine looks half-assed and minor league in comparison. I've come up with a solution though, I'm going to start taking testosterone injections and rename myself something crazy like Voros Blezinski Gleeman. Then I won't get compared to any bloggers at all.

Brad Hawpe plays one mean right field

Okay, the second thing I wanted to bring up was this, while following through on those "ladies of baseball blogging" I was compared with, I saw a link on Lisa's site to these defensive ratings at Count the Rings (BBTF's Yankees' blog). At any rate, check them out. Brad Hawpe is the only Rockie who leads the league in D, but our entire outfield is pretty good apparently. Same goes with Jamey Carroll, while Barmes isn't too bad. Overall it looks like our defense is fairly solid compared to the rest of the NL. That's probably one of the big reasons our pitchers are doing so well this year.

Hmm... so maybe Baseballnooz really does like me? I've got to go talk to my girlfriends about this and see what they think, maybe get a new outfit and see if Baseballnooz really notices me in that. Yep, sounds like a plan.