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Game #73: Koronka vs. Francis

The last time the Rockies faced the Rangers was on the road back in 2001. That was the first and only time I won my fantasy baseball league that I run, but that's straying a bit.

Anyway, the Rockies went 1-2 and, to no surprise, Todd Helton is the only remaining player on the roster from that series. This game was the final game of the series, which was the one the Rockies won. Just look at that roster and imagine how it's 2006 version would absolutely crush it.

Texas' John Koronka is a rookie who has some pitching stats that bode well for #2 and #4 in the lineup, but not #3.

Jeff Francis, his opposition, returns to Coors and hopes pitching at home will turn out better than his last road outing, which was against the Cardinals. He won his last home game, which was against the Pirates.

And as much as I want Mark Teixeira to start resembling himself of the last two seasons, this series shouldn't be the one where he does so.