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Game #74: Robinson "El Mysterio" Tejeda vs the Purple Fogg

Robinson Tejeda is a mystery to most in the Rockies lineup. With three at bats, Matt Holliday has the most experience against Tejeda. Holliday is 1-of-3.

from the preview of tonight's game from the Official Colorado Rockies Site.

I know this will come as a big surprise to anybody who's watched the game, but it turns out that there's some luck involved when it comes to professional baseball. Seriously, according to a published report by Russell Adams in today's Wall Street Journal (it's the weekend edition, so it says it's for Sunday too) the Rangers are the Majors second luckiest team after the Red Sox. Alright, alright, so this is all old hat based on batting average of balls in play and EOPS and what not, but the point of the article seemed to be that eventually these things regress back to the median and the Rangers' luck, among others, will someday balance out. From the article:

"There is a fair amount of luck involved in this game," (White Sox Assistant GM Rick Hahn) says. "It's probably such a high amount that it could keep you up at night and eat away at your stomach lining if you let it."

So what of the surprising Rockies? We're lucky too, but not nearly to the degree of Texas, as according to the article we've gained two games in the standings thanks to chance, meaning really, we're about this good. And as we know from where we were last year at this time, the direction we're headed beats the heck out of the places we've been.

Go Rockies!