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Opening Day 2007 roster prediction thread:

I've had a fairly long day at work and won't be able to complete a couple of bigger posts I've been working on, but I wanted to keep my readers info-tained nonetheless, so I thought it might be fun to take an early stab at what our team will look like next season.

The principals figure to remain largely unchanged, but there might be a few surprises with the coming trade deadline, late season roster call-ups and the offseason to make things interesting. Anyway, here's my stab at our 2007 lineup, with starters first and backups after:

C: Yorvit Torrealba/Chris Iannetta
1B: Todd Helton/Joe Koshansky
2B: Jamey Carroll/Clint Barmes
SS: Troy Tulowitzki/Clint Barmes
3B: Garrett Atkins
RF: Brad Hawpe/Ryan Spilborghs
CF: Cory Sullivan/Jeff Salazar
LF: Matt Holliday

SP#1: Aaron Cook
SP#2: Jason Jennings
SP#3: Jeff Francis
SP#4: Byung Hyun Kim
SP#5: Ubaldo Jimenez

RP: David Cortes
RP: Scott Dohmann
RP: Manuel Corpas
RP: Justin Hampson
RP: Ramon Ramirez
RP: Jose Mesa
CL: Brian Fuentes

Of course, this is all just fun speculation, what I really want to predict is what our lineup will look like in the middle of October :)