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Game Thread #76: Jennings vs Lackey

The Rockies have a pretty decent shot of winning all these games against the Angels, but with Ervin Santana pitching on Wednesday, it's probably best if we get off to a winning start tonight and tomorrow when we have our best chances. J.J. has had two brilliant outings in a row, and is facing a lineup that pitchers with heavy sinkers such as his tend to do well with. The big Ed isn't quite the pitching haven Dodger Stadium is, but it doesn't give anything away to hitters either.

Lackey is one of those pitchers I am always wary of, in that his stuff is usually dominant yet he has zero wow factor so you don't hear a lot about him if you live outside LA. Don't let his record fool you, he's still as good as he was last year, seven of his last ten starts have been of the "quality" grade (he's kind of like our Aaron Cook in that he's gone 1-4 in that stretch). Still, Jennings has been just as solid or more in that stretch and I think our batters profile well against Lackey, so I see tonight as a pretty decent shot to make a statement in game one.

Go Rockies!