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Tuesday Pebble Report

Colorado Springs: Chris Iannetta went zero for four in his AAA debut, and the rest of the Sky Sox couldn't muster much either against Joe Saunders and a pair of Salt Lake relievers. A lesson to the Rockies should Howie Kendrick be called up sometime while we're playing the Angels: don't let him bat against southpaws. Kendrick hit his eleventh homerun of the year off reliever Justin Hampson and then followed up with a triple against Jamie Cerda in the five to nothing loss.

Tulsa: The Drillers lost ten to four against the Frisco Rough Riders. Alberto Arias took the mound in place of the injured Enmanuel Ulloa and didn't do too badly, but things fell apart late against the normally solid Tulsa relief crew. Jordan Czarniecki hit his ninth homerun of the year on a two for three night, he also walked but committed a baserunning gaffe by not tagging third and getting called out on appeal after Jud Thigpen apparently drove him in in the fifth inning. Marc Kaiser and Seth Smith won Texas League Pitcher and Player of the Week awards.

Modesto: Today is the Cal/Car Leagues all-star game.

Asheville: The Tourists were rained out. Joe Mikulik was fined $1000 and suspended seven games for yesterday's outburst.

Tri-City: People who read the blog know I'm high on Josh Sullivan this season, and he continued to show why in a losing effort last night. Sullivan pitched five innings, struck out six, walked two and only allowed two hits. The bad news is one of those two hits was a two run homer off the bat of Don Sutton III in the fifth inning. The Dust-Devils got nine hits, but they were all singles and led to only one run. Anthony Jackson, Victor Ferrante and Matthew Repec each got two of those singles.

Casper: Another anemic offensive performance for the system, the Casper Rockies only got one extra base hit off Orem, a double by Derek Kinzler, and wasted a fairly solid start by Robinson Fabian. Fabian bounced back off a rough debut by giving up just three hits in five innings while striking out six. He still has some control issues to work out, he walked four and threw a wild pitch, but check out his 8/1 GB/FB ratio for another reason to be pleased with his progress.

College: Jay Cox and North Carolina lost the CWS title game to Oregon State. For Beaver oriented blogging celebrating the victory, check out Building the Dam. Cox scored one of UNC's two runs after reaching on an error. You know, I'm okay with this. It's nice for the Pac 10, and I'm glad it wasn't to one of the other California schools. Congratulations OSU!