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Chac' getting educated by the city; Best in the West via trade

Former Rockie Shawn Chacon is upset about his sporadic playing time in New York. The Yankees are always players at the trade deadline and are looking for an upgrade in the rotation, which would mean a further downgrade of Chacon's status as a starter. One of the pitchers the Yanks are looking at is Barry Zito, and in return Oakland is scouting the one bargaining piece New York's willing to use this year, AA prospect, Phil Hughes. Hughes is a solid prospect, a bit less overhyped than past Yankees' farmhands and should one of our top divisional rivals land him (the article states both LA and AZ are also scouting him) it would be a coup for that team that the Rockies and whichever of the two that misses out would have to counter somehow.

Hey! That reminds me, I haven't done a divisional review of the best at acquiring talent via trades. My initial thought would be that Arizona topped this list, but then I realized the only current prospect they really acquired by trade was Chris Young. Granted, Chris Young is a huge prospect and counts for a lot, so they may still be best with just him, but the Dodgers got the recently departed Dioner Navarro via trade as well as Andre Ethier. The Rockies got Rami, and that could turn out to be a major find, but probably not as big as those mentioned. The rest of the division? Eh, well it's not so rosy looking, particularly in San Francisco which gets a negative score for losing so many good prospects.

If we go back a few years we see CO's current backup catcher picked up through trade, as well as the Rockies and D-backs current closers, several relievers throughout the division, and a couple of mid-rotation starters. Much like the foreign free agency discussion, we lack on the big names but make up a lot of ground on the hidden gems. I think I'll put up a poll in order to get some feedback.