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Barmes watching too many episodes of Lost? Plus other scandalous rumor-monguering.

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Or maybe the tiny screen is affecting his vision. News of Todd Helton's use of I-pod video to watch himself hit us last month, but now the Post is reporting it's it's more a team wide thing. The problem is that statistically it only seems to be helping Matt Holliday thus far. Clint Barmes and Cory Sullivan both ranked in MLB's bottom ten in OPS in May, so one wonders if maybe they downloaded the wrong vids.

Hurdle and O'Dowd and company were scheduled to have their personnel sit-down today and discuss what needs to be done, but no word yet on any movement from that. I can tell what Rockies fans would like from the early results of our poll over there --->
but let's be honest, we as fans don't always make the right decisions either. Anyway, we'll keep you posted this afternoon/evening if any word on changes to the lineup come out.

Despite his performance against our team last night, I remain absolutely convinced that the Rockies should avoid getting into the bidding war that's about to ensue for the services of Dontrelle Willis. Yet another team with a deep enough farm system to acquire him has joined the fray and several top teams that don't have the goods for a direct deal, have been looking into menage-a-trois sort of deals.

However, if we were to be buyers this year, I'm curious what people would think of targetting Jose Vidro to plug the gap in our middle. I think he'd be an easier acquisition than say Soriano, but provide a fairly significant talent upgrade, especially if we could then move Jamey Carroll or Jason Smith to short. Anyway, it's just a thought. If we keep on losing like this, the question will be made moot.