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Game #55: Kim vs Nolasco

The Rockies 3-H Club will have to step it up tonight, particularly the Hawpe and Helton portion as Nolasco this season has been vulnerable to left handed hitters, but fairly tough versus right handers. He's slipped a bit since moving into the rotation, but has done well enough to keep the job.

Even though Kim isn't usually mentioned when it comes to the surprising perfomance of Rockies starters this year (take this Prospectus Notebook column for instance). He's proven every bit as valuable as Francis or Cook or JJ in establishing our staff as one of the best in the league. His six to three victory over the Giants last week -yes it really did happen, although it wasn't really reported to make room in the paper for some other event at ATT that day- showed that Kim can be a stopper when it comes to Rockies losing streaks. I hate that we need him again for this purpose so soon, but the Rockies are looking good in the matchups tonight to back him up and come away with the needed victory.

Go Rockies!

psst... go visit FishStripes so we can have as many quiet lurkers over there as they have over here for this series. Hopefully, we don't prove quite as kind of hosts (in the win/loss column, that is) as they did for us when we visited earlier in the year.