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Normandin: Carroll binges on Coors, hung-over on the road, but still an okay guy

Beyond the Box Score's Marc Normandin, who has enlightened us in the past about the statistical whims of our team, has been monlighting at Baseball Prospectus where he did a "Notebook" feature (don't worry, these are free) on our newfound second baseman friend. In it he finds Carroll's stellar glove almost makes up for his sub-par bat on the road, and his super-status at both while in Coors Field make it worthwhile to keep him in the lineup anyway, with the caveat that we can only have one guy like him or risk becoming weirdly tilted like we were in the late Bomber era. Carroll's inexpensive right now and with splits like that probably not all that attractive for trade anyway. While I endorse Marc's overall conclusion, those troubling road splits call into question his continued use at the top of the lineup while we travel, however, and the team should address that.