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Monday Pebble Report

Colorado Springs: Jeff Salazar had a nice three for four game (with a double and a walk) his second day back and scored half of the Sky Sox' four runs in their victory over Tacoma. Jeff Baker and Ryan Shealy each knocked Salazar in once, and Miguel Ascencio pitched a solid six innings, giving up two runs on six hits and three walks with six K's.

Tulsa: Where do I begin? The Drillers erupted for seventeen hits and blew by Corpus Christi ten to one. Ian Stewart had the breakout game we've been waiting for since returning from his wrist injury, going four for six with a key three run homerun in the second that really kicked the rout into gear. Troy Tulwitzki finished with three hits in six at bats and knocked two runs. Doug Bernier scored three times batting eighth, even starter Enmanuel Ulloa got in on the action with a single in one of his two at bats. Ulloa pitched strongly for six innings, giving up just one run on five hits and three walks.

Modesto: The Nuts game was posptoned due to wet grounds.

Asheville: The Tourists lost to Augusta three to two. EY Jr had a solid game, though, going one for one with two walks and scoring both Tourist runs after stealing three times, to push his minor league leading season total to forty-one. Chris Nelson had both RBI, going one for three with a double. Chaz Roe's outing wasn't too bad, actually. He gave up all three runs and took the loss on seven hits and two walks in five innings, and he had a nine to two GB/FB ratio. As a groundball pitcher, he'd give up few more line drives as well, and that's what happened here. In the fourth inning in particular, two sharply hit balls and a seeing eye grounder turned into two runs. If Antoan Richardson's triple lands a few feet over in foul territory, Roe might have wound up with a W.