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Colorado Rockies Fourth through Eighteenth picks:

Update [2006-6-7 8:15:13 by Rox Girl]:

I'll be putting links and other info about these picks throughout the day, please be sure to check back often.

Fourth Round Selection: Craig Baker, RHP, CSUN

Baker's made some strides this season, but I don't expect him to stay in the rotation in the pros.

Rockies Fifth Round Selection: Helder Velazquez, SS, Puerto Rico

A 6'3" shortstop with some great speed and a nice arm. His bat hasn't developed yet, but scouts feel it should develop gap power with time. Velazquez is very raw. Like Christensen, he's likely to take several years before we really start seeing the fruits of this pick.

Rockies Sixth Round Selection: Kevin Clark, RF, Manatee JC

Clark was the Sun Coast Conference player of the year. Kevin has power, and an arm, there are questions of how well he'll hit major league pitching and his range might not be enough to cover Coors Field's spacious grounds, but this could be a good value pick if we can pry him away from his commitment to South Carolina.

Rockies Seventh Round Selection: Michael McKenry, C, MTSU

Here's an interesting link to an article about how he stresses his defense even though he's got a lot of offensive ability. I like this pick a lot.

Rockies Eighth Round Selection: Brandon Hynick, RHP, Birmingham Southern

The first Rockies pick I hadn't even heard of. I knew it was bound to happen sometime. I'll look for something I can say here.

A small piece on Hynick

Rockies Ninth Round Selection: Will Harris, RHP, LSU

Like Hynick, another two way player. Harris was used mostly as a third baseman until this year when he went more to the mound.

Rockies Tenth Round Selection: David Arnold, RHP, Lincoln Trail College

If Arnold doesn't sign, he's committed to going to Illinois-Chicago. He played against inferior competition but he had some tremendous performances this season, striking out eighty-two in just over sixty-one innings. He walked twenty-seven and allowed only thirty-six hits.

Rockies Eleventh Round Selection: Aaron Miller, RF, Channelview HS

Here's his AFLAC link. Miller also played with Kyle Drabek on the Houston Heat, a woodbat summer team that boasts some prestigious alumni, including a couple top prospects from last year's draft, Jay Bruce and Koby Clemens.

Rockies Twelfth Round Selection: Austin Rauch, C, El Capitan HS

The image comes from the Duke Snider Homerun Derby competition from January. Look at the picture of Devin Shepherd in the link, he looks like a beast already. At any rate, Rauch is committed to Tony Gwynn's SDSU squad. It might be tough to lure him away, but probably worth a shot.

Rauch ranked third in the East County in doubles, finishing his junior season with a solid .373 batting average, with six homers and 27 RBIs. In addition, Rauch showed rare speed for a catcher by stealing 13 bases. He selected SDSU over UC Riverside and USD because he likes MARK MARTINEZ, the newest Aztecs assistant coach, who moves here from the University of New Mexico.

Scroll way down in this link to find the quote.

Rockies Thirteenth Round Selection: Spencer Nagy, INF, Tallahassee CC

Spence was the Panhandle Conference "Defensive Player of the Year" award recipient, but he's not just about the glove. He has some pop, and makes good contact at the plate. Another sleeper selection, we should keep our eye on. Nagy is set to play with the Hyannis Mets in the Cape Cod League over the summer, and then move on to Coastal Carolina in the fall, unless we sign him first.

Rockies Fourteenth Round Selection: Jeff Kindel, OF, Georgia Tech

Rockies Fifteenth Round Selection: Victor Ferrante, RF, Solano JC

Ferrante was twice drafted by the Astros as a DFE right handed pitcher. Apparently the Rockies like him a bit more in the field. In high school Ferrante also caught and played infield some, so he knows his way around the diamond. Obviously there are concerns with his bat, or else he might have been drafted sooner. At this point I see him as being valuable organizational depth, but not contributing much to the major league team.

Rockies Sixteenth round Selection: Anthony Jackson, CF, U of Pacific

Jackson is a senior at UoP, he's short but with some density, apparently (5'8", 170 lbs) and he's been playing on the infield for most of his college career. He does have some speed and a knack for the HBP. He doesn't have any significant power that would translate to wood bats, but should be good at getting aboard with a fairly high contact rate and a good eye. His future climb through the system will be difficult and probably top out at a certain level below the Major Leagues, but I know better than to count out players like this completely.

Rockies Seventeenth Round Selection: Michael Gibbs, RHP, VCU

I like it when players have their own websites. It makes my job a bit easier.Gibbs played at Chipola with Adam Loewen and knows Delmon Young. He probably doesn't have the same ceiling as either of those two, but he could be another mid-draft find for the Rox pen.

Rockies Eighteenth Round Selection: Andrew Cashner, RHP, Angelina College

Cashner was selected in the twentieth round last year by the Braves as a DFE. When they didn't offer a contract (or he didn't accept an offered contract) he re-entered the draft. This actually could be one of my favorite selections of the day. Cashner is a tall, slim pitcher who's fastball doesn't have a lot of velocity, but it does have a lot of sink. He's already known as a groundball pitcher, and has some ceiling left for further development. Here's Cash's MySpace page. Er, yeah, a little teenage rebellion is evident, obviously the Rockies didn't pick only choirboys.