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Draft Day thread #1

MiLB's Mayo thinks Hochevar will be the Royals pick. This of course means that Andrew Miller will be available when the Rockies select with the second overall pick. Do we take him? Or do we go to Longoria anyway? And what about Brad Lincoln?

No, not at all. Mayo and Jim Callis and a slew of other people say the Rox will pick Stanford's Greg Reynolds and as someone who can remember how much hype surrounded Jason Young when he was drafted, I'm sketchy about pitchers coming from the Farm. The Rocky Mountain News' Ringolsby confirms that it's between Longoria and Reynolds, with the Rockies feeling the latter can "develop quickly" into a middle of the rotation starter. Which is about as underwhelming as a number two pick could be, even with a down year for the draft. Of course, Bill Schmidt was around for the Jason Young thing which you'd think he of all people would know better, but he's picked so well since then, I'll probably warm up to whomever we pick anyway. Reynolds will be good. If we picked more toward our usual spot(7-12) I would be excited for the selection. Here at number two, I think I was hoping for something more when there was not much more there to begin with.

Is Greg Reynolds the pick?

Here's his scouting report at And here's another link to some video from (more here).

By the way, a little known but very good blogger out there in the MLB blogosphere, d.a. humber -who covers mostly the Blue Jays asked a bunch of other MLB bloggers their thoughts on the upcoming draft in regards to their teams. The answers are very infomative, so be sure to check it out.