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Draft Day Two Thread

I just got home a little while ago from unexpected business and haven't even looked over our selections yet, here's a comment from sg8335aa in the previous day's thread about two of them in the meantime to keep you busy:

Seems like they got some good value @ round 19 and 23 so far....but I dunno much other than what BA tells me....
  1. Zach Murry a Kansas High School SS that apparently can be bought out of his scholarship.  BA predicted he could go as high as the 7th round.....
  2. Scott Maine apparently has an assortment of 90 MPH pitches as a lefty.....however has only had 1 healthy year at Miami U so far.....two season had ended due to Tommy John and a serious car accident.....
both seem like good risks

Rockies draft another Tennessee quarterback named Helton!

Zach Helton has impossible shoes to fill.